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Since 1981, we have taken a personal dedicated interest in quality early childcare, education and family involvement. We look forward to your participation in our program as we strive to build the foundation of knowledge and skill your child’s future depends upon. By investing in quality education and care today, we have the assurance of a successful future enabling your child to become one of the “Leaders of Tomorrow.” With children as a priority, complemented by family educational opportunities, Paradise has become a support system for the families and our community. Let us invest today for the best of tomorrow!

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Tuesdays: 2:30 - 3:30 PM

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Early Head Start/ Head Start- 0-5 years


  • Creative curriculum fosters individual expression
  • Highly qualified staff and classroom ratios meet strict Head Start standards
  • A safe environment allows children to learn, relax, thrive, and have fun
  • Nurturing care is provided in developmentally appropriate settings
  • Children of all abilities are welcome in our inclusive environment

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Early Head Start/ Head Start- 0-5 anos


  • Se utilisa el Curriculum Creative que usa la exprecion individual

  • El personal altamente calificado y las proporciones en el aula cumplen con los estrictos estándares de Head Start

  • Un ambiente seguro permite a los niños aprender, relajarse, prosperar y divertirse.
  • Se brinda cuidado nutritivo en entornos apropiados para el desarrollo
  • Los niños de todas las capacidades son bienvenidos en nuestro ambiente inclusivo.

Teacher Reading Recommendation

Reading with children can improve their language, literacy, and social-emotional

skills, increasing their knowledge of the world around them. With the right book

choices, reading can introduce children to healthy eating habits too!

Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

Author & Illustrator: David A. Carter

Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?
Lift the cookie jar flap and out pops a mouse. "Who, me?" he says. "Couldn't be."


This familiar play song has a special twist: ingenious pop-ups and lift-up flaps by paper-engineer extraordinaire David Carter. Children will love opening each cookie jar to discover a dog, a cat, an owl, and others. A pop-up surprise in the end reveals that they all took the cookies! And as an extra fun activity, children are invited to go back and find which cookie each animal took.

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