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"Children discovering the joys of God's creation through unforgettable nature experiences!"

Nature Paradise Program desires to provide active and engaging learning experiences that inspire and encourage  the youngest learners at Paradise Christian School to look at God's creation in new and exciting ways.

Based on the philosophy that it is never too early to explore God's world, children are provided with creative opportunities and child-centered investigations that capture the young child's natural love of discovery. The nature curriculum immerses our early learners in hands-on/minds-on experiences where science, nature, and literacy are integrated around a nature theme.

Whether it is measuring a real chicken, squishing their toes in cold mud, or touch real snakes, children are provided rich experiences where they gain an appreciation of the beauty and awesomeness of God's creation.

Nature's Paradise Program is about igniting young children's love of science, touching hearts and engaging minds, and creating a passion for life-long learning!

As the children receive the calmness in watching a flower flow with the wind and listening to the drops as we water the plants instills a sense of tranquility, which can be impossible to find in today’s hectic society. This therapeutic environment allows emotional growth and development as well as a literary enriched environment that will inspire an interest in Nature. Children interactively get involved in the maintenance and care of this special area where they can also enjoy bringing things to share with their friends such as a sand dollar.

To provide a therapeutic environment to allow social-emotional growth and development.


To provide a literary enriched environment that will inspire an interest in Nature.

To prove an experience  to develop and appreciation and understanding of Nature

To provide opportunities for children to expand their knowledge and vocabulary while enriching their minds with an appreciation for science and nature.

Nature’s paradise is divided into two sections: Animals and Plants

Pets in the Preschool Classroom
The health benefits of animals have been praised for years. Pets lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and prevent depression. Many families have pets for these exact reasons, but what about the educational benefits?  Preschoolers can learn so many things by being exposed to animals. Caring for a pet teaches responsibility and empathy. Preschoolers are used to parents and teachers doing things to help them but they do not get many opportunities in their lives to take care of others. Beings responsible for the care of a classroom pet will raise a child’s self esteem and teach them a wonderful character trait that will help them for the rest of their lives.  
Animals get preschoolers excited about learning. Early in a child’s educational career, it is important to instill in them a love of learning. They need to explore new interests and expand their view of the world. All it really takes is finding one thing that they are passionate about to set them on the right track.  

Pets can relieve stress in the classroom. No one learns well when they are tense and preschoolers are no exceptions. There will always be things in the classroom that cause stress, but animals may provide an outlet for kids that are struggling. Watching a fish tank can be extremely relaxing. A worked up preschooler can be calmed by watching the peaceful movements of the fish.

Gerald the Python


Hi, my name is Gerald! I'm one of Paradise Christian School's coolest pets! Paradise Christian School is my happy home thanks to your generous donations! Thank you for contributing!



Thank you to Petco for provided EACH AND EVERY ONE OF OUR CLASSROOMS with a tank and supplies for our Pets in the Classroom Initiative!!!

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