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Paradise Christian School & Development Center opened its doors in 1981. The founders dream was to establish a center where children could achieve their highest potentials. The founder: Dr. Eileen Fluney believed in a dream, that every child would have an opportunity, an opportunity to become one of the “Leaders of Tomorrow”. With her positive energy and endless love she began to create and develop Paradise with families and friends.

The name was created: Paradise Christian School & Development Center, Inc.

Paradise: Where children will have a place that would have them in awe! A place that offered the highest quality care, extraordinarily clean and safe environment with the latest in information, technology and approaches to learning. It would be a true “Paradise for children. The school song would be “We are the Leaders of Tomorrow”.

Christian: Dr. Eileen Fluney, having a strong belief and commitment to her faith, believed that the Lord was the foundation of her mission. Although doctrine would not be taught, but the love and devotion to Christ would be felt. The school inspirational song would be “Trust in the Lord”.

School: Instead of a daycare, why not a school?... was the thought behind it. In the early 1980’s, Early Childhood Education was not given the importance it deserved, it was basically a “babysitting”. Dr. Eileen Fluney desired for every child to learn and receive a proper foundation: a foundation that no one could tear down. An early childhood school developed.

& Development Center: That each child would be offered a “Hands On Approach” to learning, everyone (children, families and staff) could develop at Paradise, at their own pace, meeting their own special needs and learning style.

The school opened its first location in east Hialeah with a license of 15, moving to its second location with a license of 65, then third location to a license of 100 and has grown to what it is today. Dr. Eileen Fluney aspired that Paradise have its own style: Being positive, innocent, loving and with a calm and nurturing attitude. As you enter the center you will hear children’s music, be greeted with an enthusiastic welcome, everyone shows a great smile and each family will feel the support and love. Staff will be proactive and sing with joy, children will feel special as if each one were the most important student in the school.

Paradise Hialeah has a license for 308 children. A beautiful large facility with great shady trees and ample playground with state of the art equipment. Each classroom is set up to enhance the learning environment with individual adaptation for those in need. The staff has ongoing professional development and weekly staff training to provide the highest quality and educated staff. The center has won many prestigious awards, to name a few such as Best Center! Highest Quality Center! Director of the Year! Proclamation! We have so many exciting activities and projects such as current technology, advanced educational system, an award winning performing arts team, family involvement and education.

Together we have become a family, the Paradise Family.

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