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At Paradise we believe...


Children should feel that school is a happy place with fun-filled experiences where they feel they belong.

Hierarchy of Needs:
Children rely upon their basic fundamental needs to be met in order to be prepared for the skills required to achieve their fullest potential.


Children are unique individuals with varying learning styles and needs that should be stimulated and challenged with consideration to physical, mental, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and cultural aspects of development.

Hands on Learning:
Children learn best when actively involved in multi-sensory interactive learning experiences providing challenging activities.

Family Connection:
Children value the continuity between home and school while benefiting from family involvement in daily activities and family educational opportunities.

Children should be provided with stability by continuity in care, education, and caregivers.

Children need to develop respect for and sensitivity to others, empathy, a sense of community, and an absence of sexism, racism and other biases.


Children rely upon their community to advocate for their well being, opportunities and issues.


Critical Thinking:
Children are to be provided with the opportunity to independently explore and discover in a multi-sensory interactive learning environment.

School Readiness:
Children should develop the necessary skills to prepare the foundation for all future learning experiences by early intervention and educational opportunities.

Self Help Skills:
Children need to have experiences that foster the growth of independent self-help skills.


Learning Environment:
Children deserve a safe, clean, and loving environment that is enriched with age and developmental appropriateness. Language/ Literacy Enrichment: Children enrich their language/literacy skills through an environment that stimulates their use of language in all forms.


Children benefit from educational experiences with exposure to, and interactive use of, technology.


Health, Safety & Manners:
School will foster positive practices of health, safety and manners.

One of the school’s most important tasks is to teach the children to think objectively,in order that they may fulfill their responsibilities of good citizenship in the changing world of tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Paradise Christian School’s mission is “Preparing The Leaders of Tomorrow”, offering a comprehensive inclusive high-quality early childhood and school-age program, which specializes in the social-emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child; along with our community partners, we have undertaken to inspire our children to build their self-esteem and confidence in themselves to achieve a foundation that no one can tear down. 

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