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Arrival & Dismissal

Wake up with a great positive disposition and be excited to bring your child to school to play and learn!


Arriving to Paradise your child will be greeted with the greatest of enthusiasm and love to start the day with a GREAT Paradise Day! 


Say “Good afternoon”.  Hand sanitize upon entering the building prior to touching anything…we promote a healthy environment. Then you will clock out on the computer with your personal code and fingerprint. Picking up a child requires that you have preauthorized this person in writing, we have a copy of their photo ID and they have a security computer code. We may ask for ID as a security check, please cooperate; this is for the safety of our children. Do not send in siblings to pick up your child, whoever picks up the child must be at least 18 years old and authorized in writing to do so. We will provide you with any messages, incident reports during your dismissal cycle.  Once you pick up your child from car line  take a few moments and talk to your child about their day. This will create a bonding moment and allow your child to have your undivided attention for a few minutes.

School Zone

Paradise has a school zone, please abide by the speed limit (you will receive a ticket if caught speeding). It is a privilege to have a school zone, this enhances the safety and protection for our children. Our Doral location is self-contained on federal property with high levels of security. 


Paradise Christian School does not provide transportation.  Our staff is not permitted to transport or baby-sit any of the students/children enrolled in our center.  Please do not jeopardize employment by asking them to do so.  

Please remember to use Car Seats and buckle your children properly.   

Bus: There are a few private local buses that provide services to our center. Please do not block the driveway and give priority to the buses and for the safety of our children. If you contract a bus…they need to know the school policies.  

Paradise is committed to ensuring the safety and well being of each child in our care. All children being transported are under the authority and direct supervision of the bus driver. Procedures and safety rules help ensure the safety and protection of each child.


Families may contract a bus service or may be using the bus service from the public school system. As an additional precaution for the safety and security of the children, Paradise has a few procedures in place: 


1. Families must put the bus as a contact person for dropping off and/or picking up. This will allow Paradise staff to supervise the arrival and dismissal of the child.


2. Paradise will have bus information. If bus does not arrive on time, Paradise will contact the bus driver and the parent. This will prevent a child from being left on the bus.


3. Families are encouraged to notify the center if their child does not arrive at their departure point by the expected time.


4. A Paradise staff member will escort child to bus and ensure child is placed on bus safely. 


5. Paradise will have bus safety training for staff and children. This will allow children to understand safety rules of the bus, such as, sitting with their seat belts on, not walking around, listening to the bus driver, etc.


6. If a bus is used for a field trip, Paradise will have a roster of children that went on the bus and then checked as children get off the bus upon arrival. A staff member will also check the bus completely starting from the back forward to assure no one was left on the bus.


Our center has designated parking. You MUST park your car in these designated parking spaces if you have an appointment at the school.  Please do not leave babies or children unattended in cars. Please do not park in our neighbors parking or block any driveways. You can park in the street parking.


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