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Donations Needed


Paradise Christian School & Development Center opened it’s doors in 1981, and today it is considered one of the best quality Early Childhood centers in South Florida! We are proud to be a delegate with “Head Start”. Head Start is a wonderful comprehensive child development program for low income families who meet 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Ten percent (10%) of slots are reserved for children with disabilities.


As we receive funds to support this program we are required to have matching funds. Your donations help support the match as well as maintain this wonderful program available for so many children and families that depend on it! They depend on You!

Our classrooms are safe and nurturing learning environments for children, offering age-appropriate opportunities to discover, explore and learn. We foster the cognitive and social development of each child with fun lessons lovingly guided by highly trained teachers, preparing children for social and academic success.

Our school depends on donations from our community, families and friends. The below items are things we need, there is no better time to take a look around your home or office and see if you have any of these (new or slightly used) items you would like to donate to the school. Or, ask a neighbor or friends if they would like to make a donation to an awesome Not for profit organization that is making a true difference in the lives of children. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Don't forget donated items are tax deductible.

  • Classroom Computers and Tablets

  • Empty and Clean food boxes or containers

  • Food coloring for art projects

  • Pictures of traffic signs

  • Concept or flash cards of letters, numbers and geometric shapes

  • Assorted yard colors

  • Costumes

  • Transportation toys

  • Musical instruments

  • Assorted feathers

  • Assorted fabrics

  • Hula Hoops

  • Blocks

  • Digital camera for classroom use

  • Children's books

  • Pictures of pets

  • White copy paper

  • Puzzles and games

  • Outdoor balls ( soccer, basketball, volleyball)

  • Jumps ropes

  • Tricycles

  • Pictures of community workers

  • Multicultural dolls

  • Pictures or toy farm animals

  • Toy tractors and farm machines

  • Seeds, plants and flowers

  • Pictures of nature

  • Non toxic shaving cream

  • Chalk

  • Poster board

  • Carnival games

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