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The Director has general oversight responsibility for implementation of all the functional areas in the program. These are divided into specific areas and are monitored by component staff who have the responsibility and general monitoring of these components.


The program follows the Federal Performance Standards. Each area is further defined in order to ensure the success of the program. Education is one of the components under the direct services to children. From birth to age three the curriculum model used is the Creative Curriculum providing the very young learner experiences to support their total development. The three and four year olds participate in experiences supported by the ‘active learning’ principle of the High Scope educational model supporting children’s interests and choices in a prepared environment.

Social Services


A vital if not the central services that are part of the our program are Social Services.  The Paradise Christian School Social Services Workers take great pride and dedication in following the Federal Performance Standards. 


Starting with the Recruitment; meeting the Eligibility/Selection/Enrollment; Attendance; Orienting Families; Providing Services to Families and connecting with the Community.


These services are interrelated and all information is well documented.  Based on the information obtained by the Social Service Workers resources, referrals and services are then outlined for the children and families.

Health and Nutrition


Our program has a commitment to wellness as it relates to the children, families and staff who work with our young children. Therefore, the intent is to support health physical and emotional development of very young children by encouraging adults to practice and promote positive, culturally relevant, healthy behaviors and life-long well-being practices.


Childhood nutrition and wellness have become part of our national agenda as a primary concern for our outlook as an informed society. The Head Start/Early Head Start program’s primary objective under nutrition is to promote child wellness by providing nutrition services that supplement and complement those of the home and community. These services include identifying each child’s nutritional needs.



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Mental Health


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