Transition Tips

Saying goodbye

Remember to say goodbye and give your child a hug. Don't say you'll be waiting in the office.  tell them the truth. An example: "I am going to work and will be back later to pick you up."

You are your child's FIRST teacher!

Did you know that the people children spend the most time with are the people they learn the most from?  This means that you are their FIRST teachers.  Spend time with your child, talk and read to them.  Help them understand the world around them.

Be part of your child's school

Get to know your child's teachers and friends.  Keep track of your child's progress.  Attend parent/teacher conferences.  Ask your child about his day when you pick them up.  Take part in school activities.  This shows your child that you value their education.

Boost your child's brain power!

INTERACTION-Spend time watching and responding to your child.  LOVING TOUCH-Give your child lots of hugs and kisses. STABLE RELATIONSHIP-Respond to your child when they call. SAFE/HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT-Make a sage, pleasing place for play and exploration. COMMUNICATION-Talk to your child and respond to their questions.  Sing and play music for your child. READING-Read to your child DAILY!

Stay involved

Your child is lucky to have a parent who care about their education.  stay involved and be a great model parent.  the single most important influence in how well your child does in school relates to how much you stary involved in their education.

Transition to Kindergarten

Transition to Kindergarten can be tough, but being prepared makes it much easier. Talk to your children about how exciting their new school will be.  There are many books that you can read to them that talk about moving on to Kindergarten.

Develop good

Remember to check your child's Family Communication Folder daily!  Communication is crucial habit to develop.

Read to your child!

Make reading a fun part of your child's daily life.  when you make reading fun your child will look forward to it.  they enjoy the one on one time with you.  As you read aloud, point to the pictures, read with expression.  Ask open ended questions, like "What do you think is going to happen next?"

Develop your child's math skills.

Learning the first 10 numbers is the foundation for building math skills.  Work with your child by talking about numbers, counting, and developing number concepts.

Talk to your child

Discuss meeting new friends and how their day went at school.  Develop a consistant routine with your child.  This will give your child a feeling of security and prepare them for future success in a new environment.  Talk and ask open ended questions to get them to talk about their day.

Record events and special times

Make a reflection journal to record the events and experiences of your child. This is a wonderful way to start school the next year.  You can reflect on all the wonderful things that happened the year before.

A great way to stay involved is to keep in touch through Facebook.  Request to become a friend on Dr. Fluney's page!


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